November 21-23, 2019
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Music at the Festival

The Vineyard Music Stage

featuring Melophobix


The Vineyard Music Stage Schedule:

Thursday:  Melophobix  ∼  6pm – 9pm

Friday:  Melophobix  ∼  5:30pm – 9:30pm

Saturday:  Melophobix  ∼  2pm – 5pm  &  5:30pm – 9:30pm


The members of Melophobix are no strangers to the stage, which includes a seven-piece Funk/Rock/Reggae Fusion band. Within the group, they have accumulated decades’ worth of experience playing and performing across various cities, states and countries. Their influences stem from a plethora of genres and artists, which contributes to the band’s portfolio of original music. They are considered primarily an original band, but one can still enjoy their covers, which honor some of their favorites on music both past and present.

Beer City Station Music Stage

featuring The Jake & Jimmy Band and Valentiger


Beer City Station Music Stage Schedule:

Thursday:  The Jake & Jimmy Band  ∼  6pm – 9pm

Friday:  Valentiger  ∼  5:30pm – 9:30pm

Saturday:  The Jake & Jimmy Band  ∼  2pm – 5pm

Saturday:  Valentiger  ∼  5:30pm – 9:30pm


The Jake & Jimmy Band has been a part of Beer City Station for several years now. The quartet’s eclectic and fun mix of blues and R&B standards, sprinkled with some new takes on classic and alt-country tunes provides an entertaining backdrop for your beverage sampling.


Grand Rapids rock/pop band VALENTIGER has ascended the ranks to become one of the area’s most popular live acts, exuding a collective confidence meshed with on-stage wit and humor, something that’s also reflected in the trio’s studio recordings.


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Grand Gallery Music Stage

Need to recharge? Take a break at the RendezBREW seating area located in the Grand Gallery

while enjoying music from talented musicians.


Grand Gallery Music Stage Schedule:

Thursday:  Mark Sala  ∼  6pm – 9pm

Friday:  Cody Bouchard  ∼  6pm – 9:30pm

Saturday:  Alistair Beerens  ∼  2pm – 5:30pm

Saturday:  Chris Laskos  ∼  6pm – 10pm