Cottage & Lakefront Living Show - Detroit

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Gina Ferwerda – Nom News

Gina’s YouTube Videos | Nom News

Gina is an award-winning recipe developer, food blogger, clothing designer, photographer and a cookbook author. Her first book, Meals From the Mitten: Celebrating the Seasons in Michigan, was released on April 10, 2018. Born and raised in Michigan, Gina’s grandparents were farmers, so she grew up eating farm to table…literally. She lives in Silver Lake when she’s not traveling and owns a resort business, a boat rental, an RV resort and a beach shop.

Victor A. Veprauskas IV, Esq. – Axis Estate Planning

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A shareholder in the law firm of Axis Estate Planning, Victor A. Veprauskas IV, offers his clients highly skilled legal representation throughout the state of Michigan, with offices in Troy and Bay City, Michigan. Mr. Veprauskas’ practice focuses on estate planning, business succession and the administration of trusts and estates. After years as a litigation attorney, he learned the art of listening and asking the hard questions of clients to meet their specific needs and goals. Each client is special and has unique circumstances. Mr. Veprauskas regularly presents on the topics of estate planning, probate and taxes.

Cara Middleton – Freshwater Vacation Rentals

Freshwater Vacation Rentals

Cara Middleton, owner of Freshwater Vacation Rentals, will speak to both guests and owners about the ever-changing vacation rental industry. For owners, Cara will reveal how to maximize your second home investment. She will explain how to do it yourself, when to ask for help, strategies and common pitfalls of the industry. With fourteen years of experience, you will gain knowledge of the legality surrounding vacation rentals, how to ease anxious neighbors, and how to jump over Michigan tax hurdles. In addition, Cara will give renters suggestions on how to pick the perfect vacation rental, what to look for, and how to avoid extra fees. With tips from her own personal practices, realistic examples, and the occasional funny story, you will be sure to enjoy exploring the vacation rental industry.