March 22-24, 2024

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Learn Something

Browse videos below to get your ready for the lake this summer! Need something more specific for your project? Click the button below to find businesses to help.

Gina Ferwerda – Nom News

Gina’s YouTube Videos | Nom News

Gina is an award-winning recipe developer, food blogger, clothing designer, photographer and a cookbook author. Her first book, Meals From the Mitten: Celebrating the Seasons in Michigan, was released on April 10, 2018. Born and raised in Michigan, Gina’s grandparents were farmers, so she grew up eating farm to table…literally. She lives in Silver Lake when she’s not traveling and owns a resort business, a boat rental, an RV resort and a beach shop.

Jenn Fillenworth – Jenny with the Good Eats

Jenn’s Instagram | Jenny with the Good Eats

Jenn Fillenworth, MS, RD, has always had a passion for food which included everything from how food is grown, to cooking techniques, and it’s nutritional content and how it relates to chronic diseases. Jenn followed this passion for food by obtaining her bachelor’s in dietetics from Michigan State University, a Master’s in Human Nutrition from Central Michigan University, and her Personal Chef Certificate from the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education at Grand Rapids Community College.
Jenn is the Executive Chef at Root Functional Medicine/Root Farmacy and appeared on numerous television programs and has also been featured on several nationally known websites and blogs such as The Food Network,, INSIDER, “Eat This, Not That!” and Shape. She frequently partners with many local Michigan food companies and serves as an ambassador and partner of The United Dairy Industry of Michigan.

Cara Middleton – Freshwater Vacation Rentals

Freshwater Vacation Rentals | Freshwater Vacation Rentals Facebook
Cara Middleton, owner of Freshwater Vacation Rentals, will speak to both guests and owners about the ever-changing vacation rental industry. For owners, Cara will reveal how to maximize your second home investment. She will explain how to do it yourself, when to ask for help, strategies and common pitfalls of the industry. With fourteen years of experience, you will gain knowledge of the legality surrounding vacation rentals, how to ease anxious neighbors, and how to jump over Michigan tax hurdles. In addition, Cara will give renters suggestions on how to pick the perfect vacation rental, what to look for, and how to avoid extra fees. With tips from her own personal practices, realistic examples, and the occasional funny story, you will be sure to enjoy exploring the vacation rental industry.

Julia Kirkwood – Michigan Lakes & Streams Association

Michigan Lakes & Streams Association | MLSA Facebook

Julia has worked as a natural resource professional for over 25 years. For the past 18 years she has worked in the Nonpoint Source Pollution Program collaborating with community stakeholders to protect and restore rivers and lakes from land use impacts. She serves on multiple statewide inland lake partnerships and is the chair of the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership. She has enjoyed working on the development of the MI Shoreland Stewards Program and is currently working on creating more resources to facilitate more understanding on how to keep lakes healthy.