January 14-16, 2022

Move-In/Out & Booth #

Booth Move-In Move-Out
T35T Mon, Jan 2 at 7am Mon, Jan 9 at 11am


Click Here to View and Download the Move-In/Out Staging Instructions

***Cross traffic turns are NOT allowed on Michigan Street when entering or exiting DeVos Place Loading Docks during move-in and move-out.***

Move-In/Out – Staging


  • For the smoothest vehicle access to the show floor, we utilize a check-in/staging area. You will need to check in at the staging lot just prior to your move-in/move-out time at the north entrance for DASH Lot #9 – 299 Seward Ave. NW.
  • To make your turn into the entrance easier, please approach from the North and use the North end entrance. It is just South of the Bridge/Michigan Ave.and North of Pearl/Lake Michigan – 3 minutes from DeVos Place.
  • Note: Full Sized Semi Trailers cannot pull into Staging Lot. They should park on Scribner or Mt. Vernon and call 616.987.0667 to check in.
  • Staging Lot personnel will work with floor managers to determine when access is available for you on the show floor. When given the go ahead, they will give you a pass to access the building.
  • Roads around DeVos Place are No Parking areas. A standing vehicle that does not have a driver in it will be ticketed.
  • All vehicles must enter DeVos Place loading docks with a right-hand turn; no cross traffic turns are allowed.
  • Move-In/Move-Out is by assigned times only; late arrival may prevent you from vehicle access to the floor.


Click Here to View and Download the Move-In Floorplan

  • Wednesday, January 13 – Thursday, January 14, by assigned time.
  • For vehicle access to your booth, check in at the staging lot shortly before your scheduled move in time.
  • If you do not need vehicle access to the show floor, you may move in any time AFTER your scheduled move-in time from the parking garage (fee access) using the Freight Elevator. Please be sure to check schedule below.
  • Freight Elevator operates Thurs 9am-6pm and Friday 8am-Noon.
  • Friday, January 15, is hand-carry only; set up must be completed by 10:00 am


Click Here to View and Download the Move-Out Floorplan

  • Sunday, January 17 – Monday, January 18, by assigned times.
  • Vehicle access is by assigned time only, and requires that you check in with the staging lot to get a move out pass.
  • ALL displays must be out by 12pm Monday, January 18
  • If you do not need vehicle access to the show floor or loading dock, you may move out any time BEFORE your scheduled move-out time (but not before show closing time). Leaving your display past your move-out time leaves your display in the way and in danger.


  • The Show is advertised to close at 5 pm on Sunday. To maintain the integrity of the Show until the advertised closing time and the safety of patrons walking down aisles, please do not break down your booth early. If it comes to our attention that your booth was dismantled prior to the close of the Show, you will not be offered standard renewal opportunities.


  • If you do not need drive in access to your booth location or access to the loading dock to unload your items, consider using the freight elevator via the parking garage under DeVos Place at or after your move in time. Entry to the parking garage is off of Michigan Avenue at standard height of 8’2″, and a parking fee will be charged. The freight elevator is located on the North wall. We recommend you bringing your own cart to avoid any delays as the building only has a few carts.