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Webinars with Hutch & Shari!

Meet “Freedom in a Can” travelers David Hutchison & Shari Galiardi! They restored a 1957 vintage camper trailer and left behind the life they’d built for themselves. What began as a sabbatical from careers, home, and community transformed into a new, more sustainable lifestyle of travel, seasonal employment, and volunteering. See the schedule & links below to learn something from their travels!

Gourmet Camp Cooking & Baking: Turn Your Camp Cooking up to 11!

Love cooking, roasting, and baking at home? So do we, wherever we are! As experienced road warriors, travelling foodies, and outdoor cooking enthusiasts, we love to challenge ourselves by preparing delicious gourmet meals using the simplest of methods and quality foods. In this seminar, we share our tips and recipes developed over 8.5 years of living on the road in our tiny trailer. Whether cooking over an open fire or two-burner stove, these methods and recipes are sure to make you a happy camper!

Make Your Camping Meals an

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RV Solar 101: Sizing a Solar Powered System for your Rig

Interested in camping and boondocking with solar? We’ve been doing just that since 2012, and sharing our experience on how to do it on a budget with people all over the country. Join us to learn the 4 essential pieces of solar equipment you need, how to size your own system, and some simple strategies and resources for maximizing a solar powered system. Get ready to do some easy math and physics that will empower you to go solar in 2021!

Solar Sizing

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Tips & Tricks for Exploring America’s National Parks

Do you dream of exploring America’s national parks with your RV? We have been lucky enough to visit nearly all of them while living and traveling full-time in our tiny home on wheels. We’ll share tips, tricks, and resources for getting the most out of your visit to the parks, accompanied with our stunning images. Topics include: when to go, how to choose which parks to visit, what to do, where to camp, what to bring, how long to stay, and even how to volunteer. You’ll be ready to hit the road when spring arrives — maybe sooner!

Go Beyond the RV: Best National Parks for Cycling &

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