Grand Rapids International Wine, Beer, and Food Festival
Nov 18 & 19, 2022

20 Questions…for Eddie Tadlock, Assistant General Manager – DeVos Place

20 Questions…for Eddie Tadlock, Assistant General Manager – DeVos Place

20 Questions…for Eddie Tadlock, Assistant General Manager – SMG

Life is too short to eat bad food.

Q1)         What is your favorite dessert?
A1)         Cheesecake.

Q2)         What is your favorite ethnic cuisine (either to cook or dining out)?
A2)         Asian / Pan Pacific cuisine.

Q3)         What is your signature dish for dinner parties?
A3)         Grilled vegetable tray.

Q4)         Baking or grilling?
A4)         Grilling.

Q5)         What is a perfect host / hostess beverage to give?
A5)         Bubbles.

Q6)         What is the “must have” in your pantry?
A6)         Olive oil.

Q7)         You can only have one of these items for the rest of your life…which do you choose: chocolate or cheese?
A7)         Cheese.

Q8)         What is your favorite pizza topping?
A8)         Cheese.

Q9)         How do you like your steak…rare, medium, well-done?
A9)         Medium rare.

Q10)      What is the fresh herb you can’t live without?
A10)       Rosemary.

Q11)      If you could have dinner with any person (dead or alive) who would it be?
A11)       My grandmother, Mary.

Q12)      Other than tortilla chips, what do you use salsa for?
A12)       On grilled seafood.

Q13)      What is the most “exotic” food you’ve ever eaten?
A13)       Grasshoppers.

Q14)      What would you rather eat: fresh lobster on the pier in Maine, fresh shucked oysters in the Pacific Northwest or fresh crawfish on the Gulf in New Orleans?
A14)       Fresh shucked oysters in the Pacific Northwest.

Q15)      Which do you prefer: sparkling, tap or flavored water?
A15)       Sparkling.

Q16)      What is your favorite foodie movie or book?
A16)       Escoffia cookbook.

Q17)      Which celebrity chef would you most want to cook with?A17)       Cooking Cajun.

Q18)      Red, White, Rose or Sparkling?
A18)       White.

Q19)      What “family recipe” will you pass down to your children (or a younger family member)?
A19)       Cocktail sauce.  

Q20)      Stout, Porter, IPA or Lager?
A20)       Lager.