Grand Rapids International Wine, Beer, and Food Festival
Nov 18 & 19, 2022

20 Questions…for Jennifer Pascua – Host of “My West Michigan” and Anchor of “13 on Your Side” – WZZM TV13

20 Questions…for Jennifer Pascua – Host of “My West Michigan” and Anchor of “13 on Your Side” – WZZM TV13

20 Questions…for Jennifer Pascua – Host of “My West Michigan” and Anchor of “13 on Your Side” – WZZM TV13

Q1)         What is your favorite dessert?
A1)         Crème Brulee…I promise you I will lick the bowl clean.

Q2)         What is your favorite ethnic cuisine (either to cook or dining out)?
A2)         Of course, being Filipino-American, I am all about white rice, adobo, pancit and yes, even balut (google it). As far as dining out, I really make an effort to have a global palate…and I don’t discriminate. I love it all!

Q3)         What is your signature dish for dinner parties?
A3)         Chicken Adobo or Pancit!

Q4)         Baking or grilling?
A4)         Definitely grilling, the more burnt…the better!

Q5)         What is a perfect host / hostess beverage to give?
A5)         I usually go with wine that matches whatever is on the menu. But I’m really going to try to get more personal with my host gifts. Invite me over and find out what fun I can bring to the party!

Q6)         What is the “must have” in your pantry?
A6)         Jasmine rice.  

Q7)         You can only have one of these items for the rest of your life…which do you choose: chocolate or cheese?
A7)         Can I get both if I have a little divider to make it look like it’s one thing?  

Q8)         What is your favorite pizza topping?
A8)         Mushroom.

Q9)         How do you like your steak…rare, medium, well-done?
A9)         Truth be told, I grew up a well-done girl. Shortly after being introduced to medium rare, I am now a believer…I just can’t LOOK at it!

Q10)      What is the fresh herb you can’t live without?
A10)       Bay leaves.

Q11)      If you could have dinner with any person (dead or alive) who would it be?
A11)       How about an intimate dinner party? Mother Teresa (blessing), Anthony Bourdain (conversation), Jennifer Lopez (liveliness), Comedian Jo Koy (laughs), JFK (because I want to know more about him), Bob Marley (music), Dwayne “The Rock” (I mean, “Duh”) would of course be my date. Sounds like the PERFECT dinner to me.

Q12)      Other than tortilla chips, what do you use salsa for?
A12)       Eggs.  

Q13)      What is the most “exotic” food you’ve ever eaten?
A13)       Kæstur hákarl (Icelandic for “fermented shark”)  

Q14)      What would you rather eat: fresh lobster on the pier in Maine, fresh shucked oysters in the Pacific Northwest or fresh crawfish on the Gulf in New Orleans?
A14)       The only thing I haven’t done yet is eat fresh lobster on the pier in Maine. Definitely on the to do list for this year.

Q15)      Which do you prefer: sparkling, tap or flavored water?
A15)       Tap water, with lots and lots of ice.

Q16)      What is your favorite foodie movie or book?
A16)       Chef with Jon Favreau or Burnt with Bradley Cooper. Double Cap Love by Eddie Huang is on my book list this year.

Q17)      Which celebrity chef would you most want to cook with?
A17)       Anthony Bourdain.   

Q18)      Red, White, Rose or Sparkling?
A18)       I’m not a wine girl, but have fully embraced Rose in the past couple of months.  

Q19)      What “family recipe” will you pass down to your children (or a younger family member)?
A19)       My mom Gloria’s pork and chicken adobo mix.

Q20)      Stout, Porter, IPA or Lager?
A20)       Porter.