Grand Rapids International Wine, Beer, and Food Festival
Nov 18 & 19, 2022

Pamper Yourself with a Healthy Beer Spa Treatment – by Caitlin McClelland, Spa Manager – JW Marriott Grand Rapids

Pamper Yourself with a Healthy Beer Spa Treatment – by Caitlin McClelland, Spa Manager – JW Marriott Grand Rapids

The benefits of beer have been a topic of discussion upon researchers for some time now. They are finding more and more aids beer can have on the body.

Brewer’s yeast is made up of unicellular micro-organisms which research has shown to thrive on the skin’s surface and can help acne related issues amongst other things. Beer can remove toxins from the body and cleans up the pores in the skin with its anti-bacterial properties.

An article posted by Men’s Health describes the different uses of beer. Among these are some real health benefits to beer such as helping to pass a kidney stone, lower blood pressure, calm upset stomach, and help with stomach ulcers.

Grand Rapids has been named BeerCity USA’s top Beer City. Here at the JW Marriott Grand Rapids, we want our guests to pamper themselves and experience the beer culture of the city. In celebration, we are offering a Brew and Renew special which features two unique beer-infused spa services created specifically for the beer lover and made with real, local brewing ingredients.

Our first featured service is the Brew Pedicure. Guests who receive this treatment will enjoy a luxurious 50-minute service beginning with a beer foot bath, invigorating hops and barley scrub, hot towels, cooling mask, massage, cuticle and nail care, along with one local brew to enjoy while receiving the pedicure. The beer foot bath rejuvenates and hydrates the skin while balancing the skin’s pH level. Yeast from the beer has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which cleanse the skin and ease the pain of the day. Enjoying a local brew and pedicure is the perfect way to relax.

Our second featured service is the Brew Body Polish and Massage, a revitalizing 80-minute treatment where guests will enjoy an invigorating 25-minute Hops and Barley Body Scrub that will exfoliate and tone their skin leaving the guest feeling soft and smooth. They then relish in a hot shower followed by a 50-minute Aromatherapy Massage with Sweet Orange essential oil to rejuvenate their body. Sweet Orange essential oil contains anti-inflammatory properties which help relax tired and sore muscles. Some of West Michigan’s most popular beers have citrus notes and the Sweet Orange scent embodies the cities most loved flavors. Come unwind with this featured service and leave stress-free.

Our Brew and Renew services emulate the pride we have for the city of Grand Rapids. We are lucky to be able to promote our local community and breweries through our Spa at the JW Marriott Grand Rapids. We hope to connect with you, as our guest, on a level of wellness you may have not considered before.

In addition to the Brew and Renew spa packages, the JW offers overnight lodging Beer City USA Packages as well as special themed weekends for the 10th Annual Grand Rapids International Wine, Beer & Food Festival.