Nov 16 - 18, 2023

Volunteer Opportunities

Have you had a chance to sign up for your volunteer shift?  If not, sign up here!

*Must be 18+ to volunteer*

Ambassador Training Videos

If you are signed up to be a Pourer at the event, you are required to have training for pouring alcohol. If you are not TIPS certified, or have not attended one of our two TIPS training courses (October 25th and November 5th, 2022) you are required to watch the video below as training.  If you are TIPS certified many volunteers find it helpful to still watch the videos as there is other important information about the event covered.

Having trouble loading?  Click HERE to watch.
Download the Volunteer Manual for a full written copy of the details HERE


Age Minimum: 18

  • All volunteers are an extension of the Festival Team – and, therefore, a reflection on the image of the Convention/Arena Authority and our community.
  • Drinking during a volunteer shift is strictly prohibited.

Uniform Requirement

  • Black pants or skirt, white or black dress shirt & comfortable shoes (highly recommended as most positions require standing)
  • Apron provided during your shift.

Things to Remember

  • We ask that volunteers park in the DASH lot #9 (299 Seward Ave) and use the dedicated trolley to the front entrance of DeVos Place. You  will be given a $2 parking voucher at the end of the shift. The parking voucher cannot be used in other parking lots. Click here for the Trolley map.
  • Complimentary water bottles and granola bars will be available for volunteers. If you are working more than one shift, please bring your own food and a break will be provided.
  • Volunteers/Ambassadors are not allowed to serve alcohol to fellow volunteers and may not serve to volunteers who have finished their shift, but are still in uniform.
  • All Ambassadors are an extension of the Festival Team and, therefore, a reflection on the image of the Convention/Arena Authority, and our community. Drinking during a shift is strictly prohibited. You may not sample the items at your booth. Alcoholic beverage “gifts” or free samples may not be accepted at any time before, during, or after your shift.

The Festival relies on a large amount of volunteers to run – whether it be for pouring samples, selling drink tickets or being the behind the scenes support staff, we thank you for helping us put on the best Festival possible!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Cheers!

Questions and concerns can be directed to

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