February 1-4, 2024

Gilmore Car Museum

The following information is from the 2022 Auto Show.  2023 Show details will be updated in late fall 2022.


The Gilmore Car Museum – North America’s Largest Auto Museum – located just 45 minutes south of Grand Rapids, has once again brought the Michigan International Auto Show an impressive collection of automotive history.

Gilmore Car Museum vehicles expected to be on display at the Auto Show include:

1886 Benz – Fully functioning reproduction of the 1st Concept Car/1st Car

1903 Columbia Electric – fully functioning electric car!

1908 Cadillac Roadster – Model T Ford, introduced in 1908, had twice the horsepower than this Cadillac!

1913 Michigan – Kalamazoo-built luxury

1927 Ford Model T sedan– converted to electric power by Museum founder during WWII due to gas rationing. Also first car in the Gilmore collection. We will attempt to get it functioning!

1927 Rolls Royce Phantom I (recent donation)

1931 Marmon V-16 Example of one of the finest cars in the world!!

1934 Continental – Last of Grand Rapids built autos, only 2 known to survive and BOTH have been donated to the Gilmore Car Museum!

1965 VW Beetle – Best-selling car of all time, one owner, one of the best preserved unrestored VW in existence!

1968 Mercury Cyclone – Promotes the building of the Gilmore Muscle Car Museum, a 1970s styled dealership

1992 Ford Explorer You’ll never see one nicer! Donor bought it new as a teen and kept it in showroom perfect condition

1954 Corvette Corvair Concept Car

At the 1953 Motorama—General Motors traveling auto show— a Dream Car named Corvette was introduced to the public. Due to the overwhelming enthusiasm of those that saw the concept car GM fast tracked production of 300 all-white fiberglass Corvettes for Summer 1953. For the 1954 GM Motorama GM followed up with two all-new Corvette Concept cars: NOMAD – a Corvette two-door station wagon and CORVAIR – an ultra-streamlined fastback Corvette. Between 1955 and 1958 General Motors produced a two-door station wagon with the name Nomad in the general Chevrolet line. Due to poor Corvette sales and to save the model, GM opted to install a V-8 engine for 1955. The Corvair name was given to the Chevrolet compact car produced from 1960 – 1969. A fastback Corvette wasn’t produced until 1963.


1959 Corvette – The Gilmore Car Museum features the special Exhibit CORVETTE – The Greatest Generation  featuring one of every generation!

1961 Dink-Cycle Folding Motorcycle –Go fold it in a duffle bag, jump out of an airplane with it!