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West Michigan Golf Show Postponed to 2022

West Michigan Golf Show Postponed to 2022


Carolyn Alt, Sr. Show Manager | carolyna@showspan.com
Mike Wilbraham, Show Producer | mikew@showspan.com


West Michigan Golf Show Postponed to 2022

Grand Rapids, MI:   ShowSpan, Inc., Michigan’s premier producer of consumer shows, today announced the official postponement of the West Michigan Golf Show at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids until Feb 11-13, 2022 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are so grateful to everyone that shared in our vision to try to produce the show this year and we just wish we could have seen it through to the end. This decision has not been an easy one to make, as with every show it has an extensive economic impact on the industry and community,” said Sr. Show Manager Carolyn Alt. “Our primary concern continues to be the health and well-being of the greater community, our staff, exhibitors and patrons, and with so many exhibitors traveling such great distances for the Golf Show it seems best that we make the call now so they can make alternate plans.”

ShowSpan presents 14 shows per year, and Show Producer Mike Wilbraham is hopeful the remaining shows will take place as scheduled.  “These are not easy decisions, but with people following experts’ guidance and vaccinations beginning, combined with the OpenSafely initiative we’ve developed for our shows, in addition to protocols that our venues have in place, I believe the remainder of our events can happen.”

OpenSafely is ShowSpan’s comprehensive plan for protecting public health, the guidelines of which are tailored for each individual production. For detailed information, visit ShowSpan.com/opensafely.