Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2019
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Seminar Stage Headliners

Chef Angus Campbell, Culinary Consultant

Chef Angus Campbell, Culinary Consultant

A City and Guilds Master Craftsmen, with 43 years of experience, Chef Angus Campbell was born and raised on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Beginning his professional career, Chef Campbell worked at the Bahamas Hotel Training College where he became the Department Chair for their Culinary Arts Department before moving to Grand Rapids where he taught food production at the Hospitality Education Department at their acclaimed public restaurant ‘The Heritage.’ He has won medals at many levels of food competitions and is an accomplished junior culinary team coach. He recently produced a twelve part series on Italian and Scottish cuisine on location for WZZM TV13 and his production of a monthly cable TV show recently won a national bronze medal at the Paragon Awards. His years in the culinary field has taught him the importance of simple being best and allowing the food to speak for itself. Now, as he steps away from teaching, he continues to consult for local, national and international companies.

The 2019 Recipe: Crostini, Bruschetta and Modern Fancy Toasts

Introducing new and unique crostini bruschetta and modern toasts. Learn how these simple ingredients have flourished with new culinary ideas and ingredients enhancements. Chef Angus Campbell demonstrates the fun techniques for preparing the bread bases, creating unique spreads, designing toppings and new style slaw’s, as well as flavorful fermented and pickled garnishes. Suitable for all ages, these trendy all day dishes excite and delight the entire family as well as important dinner guests.

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Chef Tommy Fitzgerald, Kitchen Sage

Chef Tommy Fitzgerald, Kitchen Sage

Tommy’s recipes are stupidly simple by design, with creations that are surprisingly simple and quick, but with big taste to wow your palette!

This year Tommy is making delicious Grilled Caesar Crostinis! Come witness the versatility of a natural gas grill.

Tommy lives in Grand Rapids, and among many other projects runs Kitchen Sage, a nonprofit whose core focus is to provide access to nutrition and culinary awareness to the community while making sure kids are fed, along with teaching culinary skills to high school students.

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Leslie Hart-Davidson, HDD Studios

Leslie Hart-Davidson, HDD Studios

Leslie Hart-Davidson is a nationally recognized professional interior designer, author, and owner of HDD Studios in Michigan. Leslie holds a B.A. in interior design and has nearly two decades of industry experience, but credits her family for the desire to enter the world of design. The Hart family practiced real estate flipping while she was a child, so her calling for home improvement came early.

Leslie lives and breathes interior design not only in her successful design business, but also through monthly live tv segments on WZZM’s My West Michigan. She has written two home improvement books full of snark and great content: Remodeling Your House without Killing Your Spouse in 2014 and her new release It’s Not Your Room, it’s You. Her next book is a combination kitchen design/cookbook titled Food is Love, due out late 2017.

The design philosophy Leslie adopted when she started her business in 2001 is straightforward: design is a democracy, not a dictatorship. This guiding principal helps audience members and clients better understand design language and the psychology behind how they live in their homes. Her innovative seminars include “Thing or Not a Thing: The Best and Worst of Today’s Design Trends,” “It’s Not Your Room, it’s You” and “Remodeling Your House without Killing Your Spouse.” When she’s not on stage or on camera, you can find Leslie happily pinning to her designdemocracy Pinterest boards and creating helpful videos for her designdemocracy YouTube Channel

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J Schwanke, uBloom

J Schwanke, uBloom

J Schwanke’s love of Flowers began at birth during a Snowstorm at a State Flower Convention in Nebraska. J’s career grew and blossomed… as he joined his family’s Flower business: Green’s Greenhouses Inc. in 1976 and directed the Flower Shop and Garden Center operations starting in 1981. J is a member of the American Academy of Floriculture, the American Institute of Floral Designers, and the Professional Floral Communicators International and the National Speakers Association.

In 1994 J began an independent career as a flower design consultant, Flower Industry Spokesperson and the foremost Flower Design Expert in the American flower industry. As the HOST of the World’s First Web Broadcast Flower Design Show: JTV! Offering Flower Enthusiasts everywhere the opportunity to have FUN with Flowers and J all the time! J’s Passion for Flowers is far reaching and Infectious. He gives Flower demonstrations in every state in the Union, Canada, and throughout Europe. Critics, sponsors and flower-loving attendees agree J is one of the most sought after experts in the World of Flowers.


Ellen Ecker Ogden, “The Complete Kitchen Garden”

Ellen Ecker Ogden, “The Complete Kitchen Garden”

Ellen Ecker Ogden is co-founder of The Cook’s Garden seed catalog, and author of five books on cooking and gardening, including From the Cooks Garden, The Vermont Cheese Book and The Complete Kitchen Garden featuring themed kitchen garden designs with recipes for cooks who love to garden.

Her kitchen garden designs have been featured in numerous magazines including Eating Well, Horticulture, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Country Gardens and Martha Stewart Living.

She has been a guest chef on PBS’s Victory Garden, and HGTV’s Garden Smarts as the “baroness of basil”.