Grand Rapids International Wine, Beer, and Food Festival

Nov 21 - 23, 2024

Booth Design Tips

Once you’ve purchased your space in the festival, what you do with that space is key to making sure your time at the festival is well spent and your booth stays busy. Here are some tips to laying out your space!

The 3-Second Rule

Visitors should be able to tell 3 things within 3 seconds of seeing your booth:


  2. What YOUR PRODUCT is

  3. At least ONE COOL FACT or benefit of your product or company.

Developed by Don Engebretson, Exhibitor Training Expert

5 Tips for a Better Booth:

  • Have a professional, attractive sign.

  • Don't overflow your table with products and décor.

  • Clearly list where your product can be found or business is located.

  • Have QR codes or flyers with more info instead of listing all the information out.

  • Provide an easy-to-read menu with your Festival offerings and prices (if applicable) listed.

Booth Examples:

The Good:

Additional small details can have a big impact.

  • Signage is key!  Have a professional sign that is hung well and communicates what product you are selling.

  • Displaying your menu items (limit of 5 menu items per restaurant) so patrons can see what you are offering as they walk by will attract attention to your booth! Be sure to make a few display items so people have an idea of what you are serving, just be sure not to serve the items that have been sitting out all day. 

  • Keeping some open space on your table will make it look cleaner and reduce your stress as you prepare and serve items.  Ensure you don't serve too many menu items and only use minimal décor pieces so your space isn't overflowing.


The Good:

Creating a professional, interesting, and quality booth doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a little bit of planning and the right use of space, you can design a space that SELLS.

  • If you have a restaurant or storefront, including your company's location on your signage will attract traffic back to you.  

  • Detailed, yet practical, booth décor will get patrons interested in checking out your booth and help them remember your product after the event.

  • Having an easy to read menu on display will catch patrons attention, help showcase the products, and encourage them to try what you are offering.


The Good:

Calling out special and important information about your product can encourage people to purchase it at their local store.

  • Pointing out where your product is sold will help customers who enjoy sampling your product to seek it out next time they are in that store.

  • Noting what makes your product special such as it being free of allergens, the first of it's kind, or a women-owned business will attract patrons to your booth and get them excited about your product. 

  • Displaying your menu items clearly with labels so patrons can see what you are offering as they walk by will catch people's eyes! 


The Good:

Having a themed booth can attract patrons to your booth over others.

  • Listing where more info can be found such as your website or social media can encourage people to follow you and look our for new products or deals.

  • Décor that fits the theme and tone of your company without distracting from the product or taking up too much space on the table makes your booth inviting.

  • Displaying your product so that patrons can read the labels and packaging will encourage them to try your product.  

Other Helpful Tips:

Spending the minimal amount of effort on creating your booth reflects poorly on your business and makes patrons think you’ll put that same effort into the service you provide.

  • A Banner can be a great tool to communicate your company’s name and mission.  Ensure your banner is professional and not hung sagging or where it can't be read.

  • Prize Giveaways are a great way to attract attention, but giving away something unrelated to your business is the equivalent of email spam.  A giveaway related to your business like a gift basket of your products or gift card can help you collect contacts to use for email blasts or to send coupons to. 

  • Be a good neighbor.  Please keep banners, décor items, and products inside your booth space and don't invade your neighbor's space.