Grand Rapids Remodeling & New Homes Show

January 10-12, 2025


The following information is from the 2024 Show.
The 2025 Show information will be available soon.

Alyssa Cairns, Alcove Interiors & Furnishings

Alyssa Designs & Co. offers interior design and decorating services in Grand Rapids, MI and online. We focus on creating happy homes for busy families- specifically designing from the perspective of a parent creating dream homes for clients that they can enjoy now (not after the kids graduate and move out).

As a busy mom herself, running a business and caring for two kiddos (and one on the way!), Alyssa knows how important it is to have a home that functions smoothly and makes you HAPPY to be there. When a home is harmonious, so are the people in it.

We believe in the importance of quality furniture, stain-proof fabrics, and sensible storage- the basics required to help our clients best enjoy their time at home with active families. Head to the website to learn more about our Design Process, or please book an Introduction Call to meet with Alyssa and learn which of our design services is the best fit for your project!

Jessica Crosby, Delight in Designs

A house is not a home until your story is attached to it” is Jessica’s mantra, she is passionate about truly knowing her clients, how they function in their space while sprinkling special touches of flair throughout her design. Being trained by the New York Art Institute, along with being a licensed builder, Jessica has the expertise to capture your style and execute your vision.  Jess serves on the board for Redeemed, founder of Build Up Women, and an active member of Rockford Professionals. Jess enjoys using her creativity whenever possible! She loves a new adventure and spending time with her husband Jamie.

Katelynn Ostruszka, Decorating Den Interiors

From the sandy beaches of the Lakeshore to the lively streets of Grand Rapids, Katelynn Scott - Decorating Den Interiors has been making waves in the interior design world! Our passion for quality has won us "Best in Interior Design" by the West Michigan Woman's Reader's Choice Awards. Our work has also been featured on various local platforms, including radio shows, podcasts, and magazines. We're the magic makers behind beautiful and functional spaces, taking care of everything from the big idea to the smallest detail. We specialize in custom window treatments, fine furniture, wall and floor coverings, accessories and more. Our team manages every detail including budgeting, scheduling, ordering products, and installation - offering you peace of mind and saving you time, energy, and costly design mistakes. Want to give your living room, bedroom, or kitchen a facelift? Look no further! Contact us today at (616) 401-5580 or visit for a complimentary consultation. Let's get started on your dream home!

Leslie Hart-Davidson, HDD Studios

Leslie Hart-Davidson is a nationally recognized professional interior designer, author, and owner of HDD Studios in Michigan. Leslie holds a B.A. in interior design and has nearly two decades of industry experience, but credits her family for the desire to enter the world of design. The Hart family practiced real estate flipping while she was a child, so her calling for home improvement came early.

Leslie lives and breathes interior design not only in her successful design business, but also through her extensive writing career. She has written two home improvement books full of snark and great content: Remodeling Your House without Killing Your Spouse in 2014 and It’s Not Your Room, it’s You in 2016.   Leslie’s most recent book is a combination kitchen design/memoir/cookbook titled Food is Love that will be showcased during the 2023 season’s seminars.

The design philosophy Leslie adopted when she started her business more than 20 years ago is straightforward: design is a democracy, not a dictatorship. This guiding principle helps audience members and clients better understand design language and the psychology behind how they live in their homes. Her innovative seminars include “Thing or Not a Thing: The Best and Worst of Today’s Design Trends,” and “Leveling Up from Live, Laugh, Love.  When she’s not on stage or on camera, you can find Leslie posting witty lifestyle content to her Facebook page and whipping up delightful meals in her charming 140-year-old Michigan farmhouse.

Becky Vandenbroek, Hygge Design + Build

Becky Vandenbroek, Designer/Renovator/Realtor
Hygge (who-guh) is a Scandinavian word describing a quality of coziness + comfort that
elicits a feeling of contentment. Becky Vandenbroek (Lead Designer/Realtor) and her
husband Nate (Builder) are the wife/husband duo behind Hygge Design+Build located in
Ada, Michigan. They specialize in new builds, extensive home renovations, interior design,
and real estate services. Becky’s design work has been featured in the national publication
of Dwell Magazine for her Hilltop Farm and Slate House projects and has been the
recipient of two National Association of Homebuilders “Best in American Living” awards.
She is also a licensed Broker/REALTOR® with Five Star Real Estate in Ada, Michigan. By
combining all of these attributes in addition to having expertise in the local real estate
market, she is able to offer clients a full-service real estate experience.
She is passionate about helping her clients find their dream homes and creating beautiful,
functional spaces. She believes that every home has the potential to be a sanctuary, and
works tirelessly to help her clients achieve that vision.

Home Repair Services

Home Repair Services has specialized in post-purchase homeownership services for lower-income homeowners since 1979. Those services include free hands-on training in home repair skills, affordable kitchen cabinets for remodeling projects, emergency repairs when health or safety is at risk, financial counseling for homeowners and much more.

As a non-profit organization, Home Repair Services depends on the generosity of caring people in our community. You can help us continue our mission by volunteering to help or making a much-needed financial donation. Most donations are tax-deductible and all are much appreciated!

Part of our DIY Homeowner series, Home Repair Services offers DIY classes in a variety of topics at the show, all included with your admission.