February 22-25, 2024


The following information is from the 2024 Show.
The 2025 Show information will be available soon.

Mark Romanack

Fishing 411 television host, seminar leader, walleye fishing expert and the author of the acclaimed Precision Trolling depth guides will be on-hand throughout the Show. The Great Lakes are home to a host of outstanding walleye fishing destinations. Saginaw Bay, Lake Erie, Little Bay de Noc and other big water fisheries harbor amazing numbers of walleye. Catching the fish requires some specialized trolling presentations including the use of diving planers, crank baits, spoons and spinners. This informative multi-media seminar is a must-see presentation for anyone who wants to learn more about targeting walleye in open water.

Mark Martin

There is no denying walleye are finicky fish and fishing pro Mark Martin is no stranger to teaching others on how to catch them. Martin has been giving seminars on the subject since his first tournament win in 1991, during the first-ever Professional Walleye Trail Championship, which coined him the title “The Original Champ.” A life-long resident of Michigan, Martin is currently an instructor with the Fishing Vacation / Schools as well as a tournament pro with Anglers Insight Marketing. Not to be missed, Martin will be giving seminars on catching walleye using modern-day, open-water techniques and giving up his secrets to catching these most fickle of fish through the ice.

Capt. Lance Valentine

As founder of Lance Valentine’s Walleye 101 and the “Fishing Education Center,” Lance has helped countless anglers catch more fish through seminars, workshops and educational charters. Over 20 years of walleye fishing experience has gained Lance the knowledge needed to become known as an expert on marine electronics. Catching more fish of all species begins with the ability to locate them and stay where they are, and Lance’s seminars will teach all you need to master your electronics.

Capt. Wayne Carpenter

Capt. Wayne has dedicated fifteen years of effort to bringing in fishing information and bait technology to anglers. The research done over that period resulted in the development of the Combat Fishing Weekly Newsletter, No Secrets on Lake St. Clair volumes 1 and 2 books, No Secrets On Lake St. Clair DVD, Marked Map Series 1 and 2, and multiple websites. ¬†Wayne has also developed a full line of tournament quality baits by Xtreme Bass Tackle. He has been recognized as the foremost bass fishing expert on Lake St. Clair through his participation in Michigan’s major fishing shows, TV and radio appearances and nationally known product development.

Tim Andrus

Tim has a great passion for the outdoors and hunting, especially deer hunting. He will go anywhere for them. To date he has gone on 100 plus trips covering over 20 states and 5 Canadian provinces. What started as a hobby has turned into a part time job! Tim was placed on Realtree’s Pro Staff in 1996 and hasn’t looked back since. He has been featured on several outdoor related networks such as The Outdoor Channel and The Sportsman Channel. His appearance and resume includes Realtree Outdoors, Realtree Road Trips and the Realtree Monster Buck DVD series. He currently hosts two TV shows: Rush Outdoors (Regional) and World of Rush Outdoors on The Pursuit Channel.

Tony LaPratt

Tony has hunted and harvested 42 Trophy Class Whitetails consistently for 26 years, by utilizing his “Unique Hunting and Ultimate Land Technology.” Tony has created over 1,000 land management properties ranging from 5 acres to 6,000 acres in 25 states, which adds up to over 300,000 acres. His seminars are a must-see for any serious whitetail hunter.

Tom Richardson

Tom has successfully called in and killed big bucks for 40 years. His secret is learning their unique language, not only vocalizations and what they mean, but scent and sight communication as well. In his seminar Tom will cover basic calling and blending in with natural surroundings, only with a twist, hunting the rut through the eyes of a doe. Not only will you learn how to successfully “talk” to and call deer, but you will also learn to call in a deer with a squirrel call, turkey call and with nothing more than a handful of stones. His unique, proven techniques and old-school ways of bagging game, combined with his sense of humor will make for a very enjoyable learning experience for both new hunters and veterans alike.

Capt. Jake Romanack

Jake is both one of the youngest and most experienced charter captains on the Great Lakes. The son of outdoor writer and TV host Mark Romanack, Jake has been fishing since he was old enough to hold up a rod/reel combo. He spent three years acting as a first mate on a dozen different charter boats before he stepped up and got his own captains license. These days Jake specializes in educational charters, seminars, YouTube videos and co-hosting TV productions as part of the family buisness Fishing 411 Productions.

Capt. Joel Piatek

A Lund and Mercury pro staffer, Joel has grown up on Lake St. Clair and has spent over 35 years fishing and hunting this world class lake system. From fishing to waterfowl hunting, he has dedicated a tremendous amount of time to fully understand the Lake St. Clair fishery as well as the waterfowl migration patterns. His passion for the outdoors has led him to operate Fish Headz Outfitter, a full-time charter fishing and waterfowl hunting operation on Lake St. Clair. Capt. Joel fully understands seasonal patterns of all fish species and knows what the hot bite is and where to find it. He will be presenting seminars on catching multi gamefish species of Lake St. Clair and waterfowl hunting best practices.

Dominic Turrcott

Dom has been an avid angler since his youth when he fell in love with fishing. Since then, his adventures have taken him across the world in pursuit of catching fish. Over the recent decade, he has been an outdoor writer for multiple publications and YouTube content creator where he films instructional videos under his channel Fishing with Dom. While having an appreciation for anything that swims, there is a special place in his heart and mind in chasing catfish. Be sure to check out one of his seminars if you’re looking to sharpen your skills and catch a trophy-sized whisker critter.