Cottage & Lakefront Living Show - Detroit

February 20-23, 2025


The following information is from the 2024 Show.
The 2025 Show information will be available soon.

Attorney Rick Linnell, Linnell & Associates, PLLC

Rick is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Wayne State Law School. He has been an attorney in private practice since 1998. Involved in real estate since 1996, Rick focuses his experience in commercial and residential real estate, as well as corporate law. Rick has also been actively involved in commercial and residential real estate development including acquisitions, development, complex financing, syndications, and work outs. Rick is the owner of Linnell & Associates. His law firm has become one of Michigan’s most trusted law firms specializing in real estate law. The law firm has a combined total of over 75 years of legal experience in real estate law.

Haley Eversole

When Wayne Eversole, of Everso Marine Restorations, Inc. restored a 1964 Century Antique Boat, he decided to get his daughters involved with his passion. Now his daughters, Hannah and Haley have their own restored antique boats and have loved sharing memories with their Dad on their boats as they’ve grown up.

Paul Hausler, Progressive A&E

Paul is the Water Resources Practice Leader at Progressive A&E.  Over the past 31 years, Paul has been involved in all of Progressive AE’s large water resource management projects. Paul is primarily responsible for conducting field investigations, water quality monitoring, and coordinating aquatic plant control projects.

Adam Rought, Green Shield Deck Builders

Born and raised in Greenville, Michigan, Adam grew up helping his father flip houses. He learned about building construction at an early age and took that knowledge to the next level as a certified Real Estate Inspector. After years of seeing the worst in home construction and decks, Adam decided to build his own home, which included a 1,000 square foot deck. It was then that he discovered his love for decks and he seized the opportunity to help launch a new deck building company, Green Shield Deck Builders. That was four years ago and he hasn’t regretted a moment of helping others achieve their dream deck design.

Attorney Wanda Roberts, Linnell & Associates, PLLC

Wanda is originally from Presque Isle County in northern lower Michigan. Wanda worked for Michigan State University Extension before retiring to attend law school.  Wanda received certification from the Oakland Mediation Center. As a licensed attorney, Wanda worked at Lakeshore Legal Aid representing low-income individuals, seniors, and survivors of domestic violence with legal issues related to family law, landlord/tenant matters, and disability benefits. Wanda has also practiced business immigration law before turning her focus to Probate Administration and Estate Planning.

Cara Middleton, Freshwater Vacation Rentals

Cara Middleton, owner of Freshwater Vacation Rentals, will speak to both guests and owners about the ever-changing vacation rental industry. For owners, Cara will reveal how to maximize your second home investment. She will explain how to do it yourself, when to ask for help, short-term rental strategies and common pitfalls of the industry. With eighteen years of experience, you will be able to apply her insights to your 2nd home. In addition, Cara will give guests suggestions on how to pick your ideal vacation rental, what to look for, and how to avoid extra fees. With tips from her own personal practices, realistic examples, and the occasional funny story, you will be sure to enjoy exploring the short-term rental industry.