Cottage & Lakefront Living Show - Grand Rapids

March 28-30, 2025


The following information is from the 2024 Show.
The 2025 Show information will be available soon.

Kameron Lee, Kurated

Kameron Lee started Kurated (formerly K. Lee Design Services) in 2020.  Kurated began in its infancy as a design assistance company.  Partnering with designers nationwide, helping them complete mood boards and online design projects.  From there we grew into Luxury Brand Ambassadors.  We specialize in assisting interior designers, furniture retailers, and trade partners with heirloom quality sourcing.  Our educative approach in categories such as Quality, Sustainability, and American Made products has helped over 100+ different organizations increase local and domestic sales dramatically.  Breaking away from the stand “sale, sale, sale” model, we opt to represent brands that have stood the test of time, family, and friendship.

Rich Kogelschatz, Heartland Builders

Rich Kogelschatz, owner of Heartland Builders; which is an on-your-lot custom builder and specializes in building on lakes and tear downs, will share some of the lessons he has learned over 25 years of building cottages and homes. Our journey began by building spec homes; however, once we built our first custom home the rest was history. Today we are proud of how we evolved – but we are especially proud that our mission has remained the same: to inspire our clients and ensure that building your dream home is one of the most incredible experiences of your life.  Rich was the Past President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids in 2009 and 2010, and the Past President of the Home Builders Association of Michigan in 2014.  In his spare time, he sits on the Executive Board of Dwelling Place, a non-profit housing developer in Grand Rapids.

David Carrier, The Law Office of David Carrier

For 34 years, David Carrier has fought against traditional notions of estate planning that routinely fail middle class families. A native of Cape Cod, David understands the importance of “special places” to family continuity and traditions across the generations.
Most estate plans fail to account for long term care. For years we have been told that the fifty trillion dollars amassed by the Baby Boom generation will gradually transfer hands, easing the way forward for the next generations. But even major media outlets are coming to realize that this hopeful vision is false. It is increasingly undeniable that the lifesavings earned by hardworking Boomers will be burned up in the bonfire of nursing home costs. Your cottage will not be spared. Deny it you like, but even NBC News admits this reality.
Traditional estate planning fails because it fails to address the hard facts. Tried and proven solutions are out there, as David will share in this insightful discussion.
Cottage and Lakefront property values have soared far beyond the ability of regular folks to afford even a simple weekend getaway. Once lost, your family’s sanctuary cannot be replaced. Now more than ever, families must plan for harmony to preserve their property down through the generations.
Learn why “putting the kids on the deed” is among the worst things you can do… to yourself, to your family. Easy, quick, cheap, and disastrous.
What is the Life Cycle of the Cottage? How sophisticated planning techniques are defeated by human nature and modern-day urgency. Learn how to use the common sense solution pioneered by the most famous Civil War general to preserve billions of pristine property for millions of Americans over the past 150 years.

Jason Dunaway, Freshwater Vacation Rentals

Jason Dunaway is the Owner Services and Revenue manager for Freshwater Vacation Rentals. His drive and curiosity run deep. He has been digging into the financial nuances of the vacation rental pricing for many years. He joined the Freshwater Vacation Rentals team professionally in 2022.  Jason has been leading the way toward expanding the markets to assist second home owners, as they maximize the investment of their vacation home.

Theodore Vanderende, Bankers Life Casualty Company

With his wife of thirteen years Monica by his side they have twin daughters Scarlett & Violet who are nine years old.
Theodore has built a reputation throughout Michigan, on trusted guidance when it comes time to make those crucial decisions about your future of financial & health-care security.  Something you’ll want advice on, from a licensed and well respected professional, partnered with a company that was established in the year 1879.
That is why at Banker’s Life we don’t just offer any run-of the mill plan; our team focuses locally, throughout Michigan, and not limited to the nation with 235 offices, across the country and 3,900 Local licensed agents ready to help answer all your questions. So that each client gets catered too accordingly, through customizable, comprehensive packages, tailored specifically based off ones needs.

Call Theodore (Ted) (616) 337.0296 for your in person complimentary appointment.

Cara Middleton, Freshwater Vacation Rentals

Cara Middleton, owner of Freshwater Vacation Rentals, will speak to both guests and owners about the ever-changing vacation rental industry. For owners, Cara will reveal how to maximize your second home investment. She will explain how to do it yourself, when to ask for help, short-term rental strategies and common pitfalls of the industry. With eighteen years of experience, you will be able to apply her insights to your 2nd home. In addition, Cara will give guests suggestions on how to pick your ideal vacation rental, what to look for, and how to avoid extra fees. With tips from her own personal practices, realistic examples, and the occasional funny story, you will be sure to enjoy exploring the short-term rental industry.

Sand Pirate, Janet Schrader

Janet Schrader is the founder of Sand Pirates: Sand Sculpting, Photography, & Beach Art, started in 2006.  She spends her summers on the beaches of Michigan, teaching, sculpting, and enjoying all that the lakeshore has to offer.  After successfully fighting a severe battle with cancer, Janet found comfort walking the shoreline of Lake Mi. Looking for answers among the beach treasure (beach glass, rocks, fossils, & driftwood) Schrader found more than what she was looking for. What she found was a new way of life, a new philosophy, and a new career.

Come to the show and see in person, how living by the lake has changed her life.